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Default Corporation News

Breaking Stories in November

16/11/01 - Neil Neilson records his first interview since 1994. its done for BKMB by Kent Freshwater.

15/11/01 - TGOC is made a Captain in the Corporation.

12/11/01 - It is announced that TGOC will stand trial for the Crimes committed against BKMB. Neilsons legal team will be represent TGOC and say they are confident of sucess. The other suspect is Neil Neilson old enemy John Johnson.

10/11/01 - The extension of the Corporation looks to go ahead after The Guvnor of Cambridge states he will be joining forces with the corporation for a project to based in his home town.

03/11/01 - The Corporation starts talks with The Guvnor of Cambridge, to extend the Corporation. Members can find out more on this in the Future Projects section of this site.

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