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Default out in the cold

hey ed,

having a good weekend?? mine has been quite constructive so far, finally got hold of rob and put a date in the diary to do the bass guitar on 'there's a song..., got the main guitar down for the acoustic/demo version of 'good spirits' and just been finishing the drums off for the second b-side 'out in the cold'. was going to ask you if you could help me with it actually?? is an acoustic song but needs a dark/haunting sample running through it to complete it, which is the part i need help with! im thinking more of an eerie sound rather than speech, i'll see if i can find anything like what im thinking of to give you an idea. hopefully i should have the main guitar down before the end of the day so i can send a copy over to give you an idea of the feel of the track if you want??

in june im thinking of having another gathering by the way, an italian night!!, (well, take out from prezzo's anyway!). i'll let you know the dates though!

hell yea! HELL YEA!

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