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Cool Post your equipment lists...

Time for equipment update due to new purchases and breakages (oops):-

Guitar:- Fender Jag-Stang mk1 (borrowed off of Ed).

Amplifier:- Fender deluxe 40w valve amp played through a 4x12" trace elliot speaker cabinet.

Pedals:- Sans-amp GT2 pre amp.

Other:- Apple G4 ibook to be used for live performances.

Shopping list:- Fender '72 deluxe reissue telecaster
Boss ac-2
Electro-Harmonix memory man

Past equipment:- Electro Harmonix Sovtek Big Muff, (sold at a tidy profit)
Trace Elliot Super Tramp 100w amp. (dodgy plug/sparks/near electricution, now lies broken under my bed)
Fender Jag-Stang mk2, (try to fix one of the pick-ups, now lies broken under my bed)
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Default Re: Post your equipment lists...

Gibson Thunder Bird Bass and Sun Bass Cab
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Talking Re: Stus' equipment...

Remo Quadra Drum Kit
A. 22" Bass Drum
B. 16" Floor Tom
C. 13" Rack Tom
D. 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum
All using Remo Ambassador Coated drumheads

E. Zildjian 14" Z Custom Hi-Hats
F. Zildjian 16" Z Custom Medium Crash
G. Zildjian 18" Z Custom Medium Crash
H. Zildjian 18" China
I. Zildjian 20" Scimitar Ride

Well what can I say about my mush beloved Drum Kit, it's big, black, very loud. Only use REMO Ambassador Coated drumheads for a nice warm sound and moon gel on the heads to dampen resonance.. best invention I've come across all year! Zildjian Z Customs are super loud and sound super nice, getting a 22" Ride to complete the setup as soon as possible!

Zildjian 5B Dip Nylon Tip Sticks - Beefy sticks with grip so doofus me won't keep dropping them!! Nylon tips as the ride just don't sound the same when hit with wood.

Moon Gel - Best invention.... blah blah blah yada yada

Apple Macintosh 12" G4 PowerBook
Ableton Live
Logic Platinum
Cubase SX

My trusty G4 PowerBook, http://www.apple.com/powerbook go drool.....

Tascam US-122 - we record jams and other such things with the help of this box 'o' trix and the PowerBook.
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Default Re: Post your equipment lists...

For that unique Crash Arcade sound I use a black 2003 U.S. Vintage Series Fender Jaguar guitar, in to a silverface 1980 Fender Twin Reverb amp for shimmering clean tones...

For color, an all analog signal path comprising an Empress ParaEQ, an Origin Effects Cali76-TX 1176 style limiting amplifier, an Effectrode PC-2A LA-2A style compressor, a Mutronics Audio Kitchen The Big Trees tube overdrive, a Diamond Halo Chorus, & a Toneczar Echoczar delay with Angelbaby modulation.

I also have an Ebow which i definitely overuse...

⌘ shopping list:
Matchless Clubman 35 amp to compliment & use live in place of the Fender Twin
VanAmps Reverbamate to compliment/replace the reverb in the Fender Twin
...will add more later

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