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Founded in 2003, RokitpowR was formerly a commercial rehearsal & recording studio space based in Braintree, Essex, however as a result of RokitpowR's acquisition of the schizoacoustic brand in 2005, the studio is now exclusively purposed to the development of schizoacoustic artists.

Apologies but we no longer take any commercial bookings for recording or rehearsals.

RokitpowR is based around an AVID HD Native Pro Tools system, running on the mid 2012 revision Apple Mac Pro, along side Apple Logic Pro as an alternative front end for advanced sequencing, synthesis & sampling.

System specs inc. Apple HD 27" Cinema Display | Apple Mac Pro 3.33GHz 6 Core w/ 6GB 1333MHz DDR3 RAM | Apple OSXv10.11.2 | Apple Logic Pro vX | AVID Pro Tools HD v12.4 | AVID HD Native | AVID HD Omni | AVID Eleven Rack | Crane Song HEDD | Crane Song Flamingo | Crane Song Syren | Crane Song Ibis | Crane Song Insigna | Crane Song Trakker | Crane Song Avocet | API 2500 | API Lunchbox | Inward Connections Nitro | Inward Connections Brute | Retro Instruments Doublewide | Bricasti M7 | Genelec 1030A's

To achieve the vintage vibe with which schizoacoustic releases are know for, the basic signal chain requires AEA & Royer ribbon mics, in to Crane Song preamps, through EQ & compression from both Crane Song, Inward Connections & Retro Instruments units, through AVID convertors direct to Pro Tools for mixing.

RokitpowR exclusively use Abbey Road, AVID, Massenburg DesignWorks, Lexicon, Eventide, Massey, Slate Digital, Softube, SoundToys & Crane Song plugins.

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schizoacoustic use Apple computers & Avid Pro Tools HD

abbey road, apple, avid, bricasti, crane song, eventide, inward connections, lexicon, massenburg designworks, massey, pro tools, retro instruments, rokitpowr, slate digital, soundtoys

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