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Old 21-07-2010, 17:48
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Default G5

Hey man. Got the G5 up and running. I bought send hand off a dude I used to work with. Got a sweet deal. Its a 2gb Dual processer with 4gb of ram. Lexicon sound card and midiman 4in/4out midi interface for 300. Its got logic studio 7 installed, but I think I'm going upgrade to express 9.

I'll probably being emailing you for help soon!!!
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Old 25-07-2010, 15:10
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Default Re: G5

Neilson, that's a pretty sweet system you've got there hombre, those G5 chips can fly but be careful installing Logic 9, it definitely doesn't work on my G4 & apparently only the very first version 9.0 worked on G5's so I hear!
So what other gear you got in the squidgy room these days man? Am thinking about a plan of getting all the boys together & doing a group song, collaborating online rather than all in one place at one time, could be sweet to hook up old school style & actually produce some songs.
Hope all is cool?
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