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Default recording wreck under a fallen sky

when i record the full length release 'wreck | under | a | fallen | sky' i really want to go for a vintage style sound, so when people listen to the record without any clue who it is, they can't tell what year or even what decade it was recorded in. i want the actual sounds to touch people as well as the songs, i get such a great vibe from old sounds, old photographs, old pictures etc. i want to get that across in the production. but i dont want it to sound like some gash lo-fi demo, i want this to be high end all the way...

of course im not going to go out & get an old analogue multi track because i love tracking on my Apple Powermac & i am going to use my Digidesign Mix 24 system to track to but through vintage style (but obviously modern) outboard pieces to get the vibe i am after combined with mastering grade but coloured convertors in the crane song HEDD, which will also be used on the mix buss with the DSP to lush things out.

im also going to use crane song preamps (flamingo), so i get both a open high quality airy sound but with a vintage warm vibe going on in the low end & i like the idea that if every track is tracked through the same pres the mix tends to gel better together, like old mixes all tracked & mixed on the same analogue desk...

am thinking i'll track guitars through a fender 57 twin, using a royer 121 ribbon and maybe rythmically backed with ambeint acoustic...

vocals through a 47 style large condensor like a Wunder CM7 to get some valve tone with huge proximity, before i carve the hell out of it with eq & tape saturation...

bass re-amped through an ampeg head if that sounds any better than the eleven rack.

drums if i get the chance to record them live i'll take simple approach with two coles for overheads, an electrovice re20 or an akg d12 on the kick & a josephson e22s on the snare, otherwise it's back to programming samples...

eqs im gonna throw everything vocal, guitars, drums, synths, bass etc through chandler germanium tone controls to really carve out some thick vintage tone & through Abbey Road TG EQ plugins when mixing in Pro Tools...

tracking compressors, if any at all, i'll just use crane song trakkers for tracks that want varying amount soft subtle or violent vintage compression...

for mix buss compression think i'll have to go for an API 2500, salt, sugar, honey & cream all in one phat old box of transformers, old style feedback compression, 2:1 ratio, -8dB threshold, vibe!!! but yeh i'll probly keep it in the box & use crane song & Abbey Road TG TDM plugins for the drum buss...

im not sure about reverb right now, i prefer reverb plugins due to their functionality so i think i'll go with a realistic convolutiom verb like Trillium Lane Labs TLSpace htdm, the only other digital effects i like is delay & thats gonna have to be massey td5 i think...

monitoring is obviously so important so to get the best out of my genelecs i got a crane song avocet monitor controller/converter...

i'll get mastering done analogue at abbey road just to take the pish even more although i think thats just put the release back another year (or four)

schizoacoustic use Apple computers & Avid Pro Tools HD


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