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Default Up close and personal with LA80

What can we expect from the next LA80 Release and what has influenced you in making of the record so far?
The next release will be produced using rack drum machines, synthesizers, loop players and various other bits and bobs I can dig out of the basement. Iíve take my influences for the next release from many sources the predominant one being an old skool car chase through San Francisco.

What pitfalls have you had to overcome to get to where you are now in the industry at present?
None, I donít see myself as anywhere really, Iíve been playing music in bands for years, but I havenít really ventured into this side of music too deeply. As for the industry I stay away from it, I havenít got a suit.

What does the future hold for LA80?
In the future I will be eating out more, I like going out to Restaurants and itís been a while. And after Iíve been to a few restaurants Iíll release a CD with a few more tracks on, Squidgy Pop permitting. Weíll see how things go.

What new artist is currently exciting you?
Nothing new in the jukebox at the moment just old Hip Hop tunes, heís my top five....

1.KRS One Ė Sound Of The Police
2.3rd Brass Ė Brooklyn Queens
3.El Da Sensei Ė Under Pressure
4.Rob Swift Ė What Would You Do
5.Bakers Of The Holy Bread Ė Straight From The Butt

How have you been dealing with the pressure of squidgy pop stardom?
Well itís been tough but Iím coping, just. Trapped in a small room with stacks of music machines, miles of wires and a TV set to keep me company. Of course thereís the other side of it, sitting out on the roof in the sunshine with nothing to do all day apart from soaking up the rays!

Thank you very much.
Tank you.
I may be bad...but I feel gooood
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