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Post ethics

we believe in a totally honest & professional business model

the development & promotion of niche artists is our foremost priority & social responsibility

we only work with loyal & honest artists who have something special to offer

we embrace & actively encourage diversity, there are no restrictions on artistic direction & no interference with artistic vision, just encouragement based on our experience

we strive to provide our artists with the tools, support & creative direction to realize the full potential of their project from initial conception to finished production

we pride ourselves on our commitment to & involvement with advanced progressive independent creative music production & strive to constantly push the cutting edge of audio technology

we record 'in house' as much as possible but we have links with other studios & of course will still release previously recorded material if the artist does not wish to re-track

we believe mastering is a real dark art & will always send finished mixes to be mastered by a professional mastering engineer

we only ever use apple computers

we pay our artists, we pay our studios, we pay our engineers, we pay our web developers, we pay our art workers, we pay our photographers

we have a clear conscience
schizoacoustic use Apple computers & Avid Pro Tools HD


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