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Default lifestyle optimisation

hey y'all, i had an idea for a thread, recently i've been thinking about how fast time is flying by & how little free time I have any more for music with these 50 hour working weeks, weekly pishups etc. & thought about how to streamline everyday life to get the most out of it.

I figured there's probably a whole load of things that are so obvious, but i'd never even thought of before.

The main thing for me was to start running everywhere, well basically to run to work/gym & home from work again, luckily i live only 2.5 miles from work so i can run it everyday, saves me at least 15 minutes in the evening & has the benefit to shedding unwanted pork!

For when I do have to use public transport, having my oyster card automatically topping up is sweet, as i can't be dealing with queueing up in tube stations, & was sick of always missing the train to Chelmsford because i had to queue to manually top up.

The other thing of course was getting used to getting up at 6am every week day & 8am every weekend. 6am on a Monday is killer harsh!
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