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Default newyear2000

happy something i guess
this is not getting better
i can't find anything to love about the songs
i haven't wanted to hear any other music since the start
i get scared if i hear guitar music it will break my heart
every other album out this year will sound better that this one
i get demos that sound better
i always get this way
i think it helps to push me on
we have some dates coming up with midget
they are really nice
and we play like morons
it would be nice to get a way for a few weeks
but i can't stop thinking about the work back in the studio
i take a powerbook out
and spend the long drives typing away
making notes of what to change
how to shape this into something i can be happy with
i think bands should only put out one album
take as many years as it takes
but make it as good as it can be
i started thinking about singles
that is not something i can deal with now
when it is finished i will not want to hear it
i wish there were no words to sing
that would be so good
most days i stop at around 5-6am
go for a walk or something
try and plan what to attack next
maybe i'm just not very good at this
that would make sense
an album sounds like it should be focused
i am not that focused
to many ideas
i get to go up to abbey road at the end for a while
and then i see how people who know what there doing work
we need better light in the studio
we need more chairs
i promised my girlfriend i will sleep soon
just one more take
just one more take...
Souviens-toi que tu vas mourir...


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