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Old 08-04-2006, 04:07
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Default dirty dead chicken!!!

I finally cleaned out our fridge yesterday as it reeked of what i thought was months of spilt milk but we realised tonight that it was actually robson's old buy-1-get-1-free chicken, so we decided we had to chuck it.

Neil got it out of its plastic for a laugh, but it stunk worse than rotting fish. So Neil lobbed it down the stairwell of our flats & i was glad to see the back of it as it had made going to the fridge a mission all week.

BUT a dead chicken hitting the deck 4 floors down sounds like a bass drum with a loose skin being done by a jack hammer, so we dived back in the flat straight away in case the residents clocked that it was us dishing out this filth...

No more than an hour later & some thieves have taxed the evil chook but its remains can still be felt in the stairwell, which is not good, but it can also still be experienced in our kitchen which is harsh!

Either the thieves are hungry & will have one great phat shock at breakfast tomorrow or the whole ground floor of 'taliban towers' will have to be evacuated along with our deceased avian friend!!!

The moral of this story is... thankfully i'm vegetarian because quorn doesn't smell like death if left in the fridge too long & thankfully i'm still pished or it wouldn't have been anywhere near as funny...

...i guess you had to be here!
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Old 08-04-2006, 09:32
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Default Re: dirty dead chicken!!!

it will probably be served upto rob on his way home from a pish up next week, he'll never know by the time it has been deep fried though.
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Old 08-04-2006, 12:48
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Default Re: dirty dead chicken!!!

I wouldn't buy a chicken shishkebab in ur area for a while then!
Freds comin back to shit tree tomorrow, I'll find out about the Malcfest deals. Laterz!
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Old 09-04-2006, 10:45
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Default Re: dirty dead chicken!!!

o ed u are a weirdo.but a funny one. another fucking sunday. grrr.
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