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Default Bonza!

Hey everyone,

How are you all? we are having a great time in Australia we have done so much that i can't write about it all but the highlights so far are swimming in the great barrier reef, standing on a 15 foot long snake in the middle of a jungle after a few too many beers coming a little too close to a tarantular, nearly running over a cassowary, watching the biggest rodeo in the southern hemisphere and camping next to croc infested waters! we have been to loads of sweet places like rain forests with trees that are 5000 years old, desserts where the silence is almost deafining, beaches that have sand that looks like snow and the out back where you are the only people around for miles and miles. We have also stumbled accross waterfalls 100 meters high, lakes that are crystal clear on top of sand dunes, crators 200 meters deep and walked up volcanos that are 1000s years old, all in all its been pretty neat so far!

Anyhow i gotta go, these internet places cost a fortune and i dont wanna be stuck with no $ (man) how are you guys and what have you been upto?

Blue and Johnny can you email me your full address? i got something to send Johnny.....Did you guys book Vegas?, Dave do you wanna come to Vegas? we are going 2nd-10th December we are all booked up so let me know if you are interested? Neil, not long now!!! you scared? i am missing rawk action....

Take care me ol mates love Jimmy Impact (international) Super hero.

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