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Old 12-07-2007, 14:54
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Default john-paul harvey

you owe me 15


6 for your half of the jack daniels at glastonbury, even though you dropped & split it i'll only charge you for half of the 11.99 bottle and i'll let you off the coke

6 for the two serene cds left over from the pile i put out for chunky that they didn't take and gave to you. You should've given them back to me, not kept quite about it & given them to your friends instead, you already had your allocation, plus an extra you managed to lose, more than any other band got!

3 i bought your tube ticket after glastonbury to avoid having to wait for ages in the fucking massive queue for the twats (like your good self ) who only had tenners left. you were gonna change up your tenner & give the 3 back to me at liverpool st. but instead, you ran off to get on yr train leaving me with no change to buy my morning milk!

i would like this 15 paid in full, on saturday at the gig, with this recent 'massive payrise' you've been banging on about i know you are good for the money and it wont be a problem.

thankyou in advance

There is no escape we pay for the violence of our ancestors.
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Default Re: john-paul harvey

A modern classic!

Old liquid guts will never pay up, the ring tight anused bastard!
And if you don't like it then hey fuck you!
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Default Re: john-paul harvey

i'll give you a tenner for the tube and jack but im not paying for those cd's, not my fault rich didn't want them, gave them to me, and then forgot he'd given them to me!
hell yea! HELL YEA!
chunky ate a bee, old liquid guts, serene

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