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Post community relaunch announcement - summer 2008

hey crew,

you may remember a while back i tried to get the old crash arcade message board up & running again, i don't think anyone really gave it much of a look, & i don't blame you at all - it was gash & pretty much as soon as i'd sent out the link the company's servers went down taking the message board with it! Luckily though i did backup most of the old posts for future use.

So anyway, i have spent the last two years & over a thousand pounds of my own money, building a new website for our label, with the vision of giving us some old-school style punk rock internet community action, & desperately hoping to get you & the old school braintree crew, on the case from the start, catching up where we left off!

Originally of course the whole point of schizoacoustic, the label, & the serene series was to bring together & reunite the crew around the one subject we all love, however I have come to realise that these days, with people's busy lives, the internet has become everyones main medium of communication, so i am developing the schizoacoustic site idea further to incorporate our digital lifestyles...

So firstly & most importantly, please don't be upset or feel betrayed or be worried or anything like that, but i have reused as many of the old crash arcade message board threads/posts as i could. That is why when you log in for the first time, you will have lots of posts & threads under your name, some dating all the way back to 2001! I have also incorporated a load of legacy stuff from artists' own websites & pages, such as the beat kerfew & squidgy pop sites & forums etc. to help build out the new site a bit, because basically, to make it even worth anyone checking out, it has to have some relevant content.

I assure you however, that everything added under 'your' name on this site is content that you yourself have written, at some point in time, on some website or other, nothing has been fabricated or is untrue & i assure you everything i have used is/was publicly available to anyone online, so therefore not an invasion of privacy. Of course i put a hell of a lot of thought in to the ethical issues surrounding the creation of content on the behalf of other users, & i figured that in this context it was the right way to go about it, so with any fears out of the way, i want us & our little scene to be remembered long after we have gone, as i think we had something very unique & special.

Finally I really hope you can see what I am trying to achieve here & that you'll be excited to take part in this with us, & don't forget this site & this community is yours as much as anyone else's, it is our thing & it will rise!



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