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Default message board revival


so after months of pishing about i've finally got our old crash arcade message board back, after having to pay for it again!

anyway it's here under the schizoacoustic brand name & full of amusing nostalgia from the 2003/04 era

just thought you might like a read of it for old times sake & hopefully kick things off again...

i know it was a bit of a john style ripoff of the BKMB in the first place, but it includes classics like me trying to arrange nights out & no one turning up or being the slightest bit interested (except john), the vicious caning of all things john, old crash arcade song names like "summer fades" & "november" which sound very familiar these days, the joke equipment lists, me actually christening johns dad "Chunky", slatings of my osiris, me getting everyone lost when directing drunk and lots of photo cussings

schizoacoustic recordings

hope everyone is cool

There is no escape we pay for the violence of our ancestors.

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