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Old 13-12-2005, 18:08
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Angry Boys Nights & Lies!

So there was a London night organised for the last weekend of November which no one bothered turning up to! Y'all knew about it at least a month in advance, & although some didn't bother replying to their invitations, those who said they were coming gave me the same terrible bullshit last minute excuses i hear every month, every time. Really!?

I mean, I know why you don't have the cojones to call me or text me to say you aren't coming anymore until the very last minute, it's because you are afraid that i'll talk you in to coming, after your woman has talked you out of it.

But believe me I'd much rather you all TELL ME if you aren't coming as soon as possible so I can make other plans.

3 times already this year, since I've moved to London, nights have been cancelled at the last minute, leaving me in London with a fridge full of beer & an empty flat. Of course I've turned down other offers (including seeing my own girlfriend) in order to accommodate you in the first place, because i feel that boys nights are so important! But that's 3 strikes!

Funnily enough we had also been trying to arrange a boys night out in Essex for over the last year (both braintree & colchester) & no one has shown the slightest bit of interest in committing to a date (except johnson of course), yet all of a sudden everyone seems to be available for a boys night at Neilsy's that i can't make as i already have plans in Cambridge.

Yet I'm very surprised that anyone can actually make that night, being the last weekend before xmas which seemed to be such an issue for most of you when we were trying to book the recording schedule?! Maybe i am missing something?

But like the Murphy's "im not bitter"
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Thumbs down Re: Boys Nights & Lies!

No $$$ man!
And if you don't like it then hey fuck you!
Get the fuck out of my face!

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