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Default dirt box dunker

john_harvey@mac.com (12:30:48): its so nice not waking up at the
weekend at half 8, needing to piss with a beer head and dry mouth
crasharcade (12:36:48): and a hard on?
john_harvey@mac.com (12:41:42): got to run, want to get some ginger
nuts on my way back to work
crasharcade (12:41:57): you silly fucking tit
john_harvey@mac.com (12:42:14): they're excellent for dunking
crasharcade (12:42:13): eugh
john_harvey@mac.com (12:42:25): and thats not some gay term
john_harvey@mac.com (12:42:27): inn tea
crasharcade (12:42:36): what happened to the diet ?
john_harvey@mac.com (12:42:47): diet?? im not on a diet
john_harvey@mac.com (12:42:55): just cutting out beer
crasharcade (12:42:57): the healthy eating fitness drive gym workouts?
john_harvey@mac.com (12:43:09): i eat healty'ish
john_harvey@mac.com (12:43:17): anyway ginger nuts, laters
john_harvey@mac.com signed off at 12:43:18
hell yea! HELL YEA!

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