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Default Pringles

john johnson says:
sorry cant be arsed to go out of the way to get cash out
ed dAnn says:
why are you such a lazy little fucker
ed dAnn says:
think of how much more you could have achieved in the past had you "been arsed" to do something about it
john johnson says:
not going to get pringles does not make me lazy
john johnson says:
think of the more important stuff i could be doing rather than get the pringles
ed dAnn says:
yeh sitting on your ass
ed dAnn says:
i meant long term tho man, being assed to finish songs, being arsed to start a band, being arsed to further your career etc,
john johnson says:
hmmmm... well lets see, i just finished a song, started on two new ones, started a band, and just got a sweet pay rise, so fuck you!
hell yea! HELL YEA!

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