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Default MC Johnson myspace account

Dear Mister J P Johnson
The Neilson Corporation Board of Directors are currently discussing a package which would allow the transfer of the MCJ myspace account in to the hands of yourself. Although this turn around of events would only be possible with some cooperation!
The offer will state that MR J P Johnson must admit that he misfired his automatic weapon resulting in the tragic death of two innocent civilians during the legendary mall shootout with a Mr N R Neilson. Although this may not hold up in court anyway the Neilson Corporation will promise not to procceeds with a Civil Court Case with this new evidence, it will be for personal justice only.
Mr J P Johnson must also, as part of the package, promise not to delete the MCJ myspace account but must revamp it into The Kripton Factor myspace page, once username & password have been turned over!
If MR J P Johnson agrees to these terms there will be official preceedings to take place on the BKMB taken care of my a Mr L Eagle.
If Mr J P Johnson does not agree to these terms, these documents will self destruct & all existance will be from here on denied.
Ps. If the Desert Eagle hadnt jammed you know you would be a dead man. Now be a real man & admit the truth. The truth. Cant you handle the truth?
Yours Sincerely
Dictated but not signed on behalf of Mr N R Neilson
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