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Default giving away our demos free over the internet & at gigs has got us over 1000 fans on myspace

Q. giving away our demos free over the internet & at gigs has got us over 1000 fans on myspace & a regular gig crowd, if we sign with schizoacoustic & sell our demos rather than just give them away for free, how do we generate support?

A. you can still have you songs on myspace so prospective fans can listen to them for free whenever they want, just don't allow the tracks to be downloadable. if people on myspace honestly want your music on their itunes or ipod etc. they will happily pay the 0.79 it costs to download your track (in the much higher quality aac file format) from itunes music store if they want it there & then.

similarly prospective fans at your gigs will be happy to pay you 2+ (depending on the amount of tracks) for an even higher quality product, especially if the package includes cool artwork or photos, maybe free stickers & badges etc. remember it really means something to music fans to own a physical product rather than a poor quality & soulless mp3 from myspace.

also remember we will be directly marketing your music & generating support in ways you cannot reach without label representation behind you.

one last point, something we learned when trading as a studio, is that if you ever give away something for free, be it a product or a service, it becomes valueless by definition. if your product or service is regarded as valueless it commands no respect & people will then take advantage & take you for everything you've got, a sad fact of life we discovered the hard way by giving free recordings to dishonest artists who then knifed us in the back, when morally, they could have repaid our faith in them. also think about it... even your biggest fans are going to rip your cds & copy your downloads to pass on to friends anyway, so if you honestly want anti-corporate style free distribution of your music (rather than just trying to be cool & a non sell-out) you have no need to worry as that will always exist no matter what!
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