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Default have you got any advice for unsigned artists on how to "make it" ?

hmm, well, not really, make of this what you will but we believe there are five key attributes required to become a successful artist under major label methodology.

hard work: like really!

support: the label are investing in your potential to sell records, sell out shows & sell merchandise, so if you have no support (fans), however talented you are there will be no deal.

talent: can the artist write original music & lyrics, melodies, hooks, create an inspiring vibe & of course be at a certain standard of musicianship i.e. when they get to the studio can the drummer play with the click, can the vocalist actually sing?

image: marketing is so important at generating support from both web, print & screen. being young & good looking obviously helps, having a cool image is extremely beneficial, although of course that is entirely subjective depending on the genre, scene or sector of that niche market.

freedom: artists tied down with mortgages, marriage, children, higher education & careers are less likely to be willing to make the original sacrifices required to make the grade i.e. months away touring, weeks away in the studio, living on an extremely tight budget etc.

it goes without saying that if you don't put in any effort you won't get anything out of it, but of course without support there is very little chance of being signed by any label unless they can really see some potential & are prepared to invest long term. you would think that talent was an imperative requirement, yet just listen to 90% of modern contemporary music & you can hear that this is not true, the support generated from the mass marketing of artists image to the general public is enough to make the labels a fortune from these manufactured & styled artists, this results in next to zero long term artist development & we believe that this is killing music.
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