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Unhappy why don't chunky ate a bee feature on the serene #1 EP?

serene #1 originally started life as the squidgy pop summer scorchers EP, for which the original vision was for each artist to record a previously unheard/unreleased track with schizoacoustic, specifically & exclusively for the EP, with squidgy pop providing all the artwork & the new website.

the idea being we create a very special & unique keepsake for all the artists & old school group of friends & leverage the cross promotional possibilities for all involved.

but basically, at the time chunky decided they wanted to record a lo-fi live recording of their whole set in witham, instead of recording studio tracks with schizoacoustic & schizoacoustic didn't want a random live song on the EP which was recorded by someone else as it would really stand out, so an old but unheard x-rays track was used for serene #1 instead when schizoacoustic & squidgy pop went their separate ways!

squidgy pop summer scorchers
schizoacoustic use Apple computers & Avid Pro Tools HD

chunky ate a bee, serene, the x-rays

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