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Default wreck | under | a | fallen | sky LP (preliminary track listing)

wreck | under | a | fallen | sky

#1 wrecks E-A-D-A-B-B
[in your arcane, & your blue sky
in this darkness, we're divine
no angel wings, our hope dies
in this car wreck, we're paralysed]

#2 arks

#3 dunes

#4 fjords F-B-F-A-B-D
[she don't breathe no more, & i am not worth waiting for
she don't breathe no more, now I can't ever sleep at all
she don't breathe no more, now can I be what she hoped for
she don't breathe no more, & i am lost forever now]

#5 chimes F-B-EA-C-D
[devil in this town, you will face
after times we shared, kept secrets safe
everybody here, will decay
just angels breath, fades away
shame on this towns', forsaken grace
fallen solders lay, in shallow graves
all the bodies here, have decayed
just angels left, anyway]

#6 stacks E-A-D-G-B-E
[tonight we clear up the bodies, stacked on sidewalks
end days, good men burning, forsaken, not of their choosing
we don't meet the criterion, to make the last ark for the new world
tonight i found your bodies stacked on sidewalks]

#7 cranes E-A-D-G-B-E
[we keep dreaming of orions' shine, as our constellation fades
with sub-luminal velocities, & stasis sleep decay
we'll keep building arks for the stars, with uranium & cranes
& when our sky has fallen in, you & me rocket away]

#8 cinders E-A-D-G-B-E
[it kills to breathe you in, & it hurts so much]

#9 falls

most of the tracks are pretty much written (have been for about a year), just need the time to record everything now...

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