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Old 07-12-2003, 23:35
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Talking Aloha!!

Hey computer geeks!

Well here we are, a few months late - not that anyone not in the band would know that.... well you do now, but hey who cares right?

First off, cheers for popping by and sorry there is not much to look at or listen to at the moment. We're (ME ) working (semi) hard on putting up a mighty fine shiny new site for ya'll to look at, poke around, abuse, do whatever you like with it, we don't mind! If you've got something to say, say it here, there's not many people kicking around here yet but spread the word and we might change that!

Secondly we as a band have big plans for 2004, it's our aim to record and commercially release an EP on 1970 Recordings. First things first, practice, practice, practice like mother fu*kers. Got a while before we plan to go to a studio but in that time everything must be perfect, choose 4-5 songs make them as perfect as they can be, play them again and again so you can do it with your ears closed and throughout that time not get sick of them, a tough call, a challenge all part of being in a band I guess. Then there's the actual challenge of Recording in a professional studio. I've been in bands recording demos etc since I was sixteen but I'm sure it's not the same as doing it in a real studio with a professional producers expecting you to know the technical lingo and how to describe how you want your drums to sound and a million other questions I'll never know the answer to. Maybe I'll just write the drums on my Mac and be done with it, won't even have to go to the studio, just mail them the CD.... at least that way the tracks will be guaranteed to be in time (don't get me started on click tracks!)

Still I could ramble on all day/night and I would but I have to get going, I've got the joy of work tomorrow, which is a great thought!

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Please spread the word of this site, as it'd be nice to have a little online community like back in the Beat Kerfew days!! (If you don't know who Beat Kerfew where, ask your elders and you didn't really miss out on much)

Till then my good buddies.....

And if you don't like it then hey fuck you!
Get the fuck out of my face!
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Old 11-12-2003, 18:05
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Question Re: Aloha!!

hello! just thought i'd post my first message now that we're up and running, and now im starting to get the hang of all this technology, (more of a computer dork! than computer geek!)

posted a picture of myself so you all know what i look like, and also before ed starts posting pictures of me drunk, unconscious, or generally looking like a fool! this picture was taken a few days ago in bruge on my works christmas do, before i was drunk, unconscious, or generally looking like a fool!, (but i had just had a double whiskey before this was taken !)

looking forward to seeing some more people here soon.

have fun, and be nice!

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