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Thumbs down artist name conflict

i want to clear this up once & for all as i am fucking sick of still getting sarcastic comments from certain people whenever i go out, about this complete bollocks of crash arcade apparently ripping off arcade's band name.

i did not rip it off, i thought of it first, i had it written down on paper & registered the domain crasharcade.com as early as winter 2000.

i only started recording tracks properly in may 2001 & i even tried to show certain members of arcade, then in glue, the first tracks when they came to record with me in december 2001. of course none of them took the slightest bit of notice & were more interested in playing grand theft auto all weekend, but they definitely saw the crash arcade name on my apple mac.

others who witnessed crash arcade before arcade ever existed include; jay & dave (who recorded with me in january 2002 as no claims bonus); jimmy; steph; johnson & wooders who came to stay with me in february 2002 for jimmy's 21st birthday weekend & bluey (who actually recorded some drums for early crash arcade demo tracks in april 2002)...

...so imagine my surprise when i move back to braintree, from cambridge in june 2002 & on the night of their first gig, find out that the ex glue boys, who last i heard split & reformed as 'happy accident', are now in a band called 'arcade'!

i told them about the name conflict the next day, i even showed saunders the website & a couple more tracks i had on my mac, but he said as they had already played a gig & that as crash arcade wasn't actually a band, they wouldn't be happy changing their name again just for me, so they kept it!

of course in late 2002 when i decided to invite other members to the project to get more of a live band vibe - it all kicks off with stories of us ripping off arcade's name.

& just to really take the piss, in summer 2003, all 4 of us in crash arcade, absolutely caned it all the way back from newquay after a weeks holiday, to get to colchester in time for an arcade gig, just to get slated on stage in front of everyone in the olly twist - for what? ripping off arcade's band name! thanks!

not surprising everyone thinks i'm a cunt is it?!
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