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Post unfinished business

hey, was talking to saunders & murphy at the recent by air mail & co gig at the inn on the green in braintree, made me realise how many demo's i've recorded over the last few years for the mudhills crew bands.

so i still feel i could have done a hell of a lot better with all the mixes, so now i finally have my Digidesign Pro Tools Mix rig i am planning on remixing everything from scratch.

gonna get a collection of the best TDM plugins, e.g. TL Space reverb, Crane Song Phoenix tape simualtor, Abbey Road Chandler TG 12413 Limiter, Abbey Road Chandler TG Mastering Pack EQ's & filters, UAD LA2A compressor, Massey TD5 delay etc. & really get the absolute best quality vintage mixes i possibly can from the source material.

i hope you guys will be up for checking out some of my work in the future...
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