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Cool Meet the Beat Kerfew team!

Name: Stu Calder
Location: Rayne
DOB: 27/03/1980
Height: 6'2"
AKA: Bluey, Bluestar, Stu Slate, Pinz
Hi Score: 229
Top Speed: 24MPH
Foot Wear: Vans
Favourite Song: Never Gonna Give You Up
Strength: Bowling
Weakness: Spelling
Interests: War

Name: Neil Robinson
Location: Faulkbourne
DOB: 29/12/1981
Height: 6'1"
AKA: Neilsy, Neilium, Neilsk, Neil Neilson
Hi Score: 159
Top Speed: 23MPH
Foot Wear: Trax
Favourite Song: Let's Get Physical
Strength: Knowledge of Witham
Weakness: Knowledge of Witham
Interests: Witham

Name: Rich Fuller
Location: Braintree (East Side)
DOB: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
AKA: Rich-O-Matic
Hi Score: 159
Top Speed: 23MPH
Foot Wear: Air Jordans
Favourite Song: Video Killed the Radio Star
Strength: General Knowledge
Weakness: Cracking Under Pressure
Interests: Fashion & Pop Music

Name: John-Paul Harvey
Location: Willows Green "The Stix"
DOB: 10/10/1980
Height: 5'8"
AKA: John Johnson, Little Johnny Kripton, 19MPH
Hi Score: 161
Top Speed: 19MPH
Foot Wear: Spirit
Favourite Song: Ice Ice Baby
Strength: Punctuality
Weakness: Guitar
Interests: The A Team etc.

Name: James Fuller
Location: London
DOB: 10/02/1981
Height: 5'10"
AKA: Jot, Jimothy Jimbone, Flimmy, Jam Pot, The Runt, Jimmy Fibs, Jimmy Impact
Hi Score: 159
Top Speed: 17MPH
Foot Wear: Converse
Favourite Song: I Want You Back
Strength: The Pose
Weakness: Dirty Fibbing
Interests: Sea Life

MOTTO: A Beat Kerfew a day, keeps evil at bay!

Enjoy Beat Kerfew...
And if you don't like it then hey fuck you!
Get the fuck out of my face!
beat kerfew

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