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Default schizoacoustic legacy series project...

i dunno what anyone else thinks, but i get such a great vibe from old tracks, so much more than any new stuff...

i was just for the hell of it, playing around with old crash arcade demos from 2001 & the music just takes me back to better times i guess, when things weren't so totally screwed up.

huh? yeh, the result is using some vintage inspired gear to remix old beat kerfew, crash arcade, glue & the x-rays tracks, old school soft knee analog buss compression & loads of color in the audio path...

...a limited edition series of legacy EPs from days gone by, remixed & remastered by schizoacoustic for the purpose of archiving some of the greatest yet relatively unheard music projects from the core bands of a very special late 90's scene, in braintree, essex, the punk rock capital of the world...

coming soon...

schizoacoustic use Apple computers & Avid Pro Tools HD

legacy series

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