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Lightbulb Beat Kerfew

Formed in 1999 during drunken jams & spanning 3 years of intense musical scientific development, Beat Kerfew remain in history & to this day, Braintree's premier band!

Highlights of the bands history, to name a few include:

Recording both Wreckin' Circuits, Watch Out (Video Kid) & Money Spinner in the summer of 2001 & Witham Breaks & Korean Love in early 2002.

Victory in a Battle of the bands heat at legendary (now shut down) Army & Navy sleaze rock pub, at this very gig a drunken member of the crowd was quoted as saying "WOW that was amazing, you've changed my life"... Beat Kerfew always enjoyed giving something back to the crowd!

A semi final appearance in the same battle of the bands competition in which they were controversially placed 2nd although all judges agreed they should definitely have won.

Due to the immense pressure that was placed on Beat Kerfew to repeat their previous recorded hits, stunning live performances & in fact being Braintree's next big thing, they collectively crumbled & decided to call an indefinite hiatus. It was like a cold dagger to the heart of Braintree's music scene...

Early December 2005 saw Beat Kerfew briefly return from their haitus to record their Christmas themed song "Lights" which is now available from schizoacoustic...

Nowadays the members of Beat Kerfew can be found in other bands & the Braintree music scene is typically weak, but getting stronger by the day...

As for the future of Beat Kerfew no one knows...
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beat kerfew

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