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Default Finally Arcade have made a new record

thats right folks, we recorded the 5 main tracks for new record "Short but Schweet" (remember that name is subject to change!!) and we did it all in 6 hours and it sound maximum rock and roll!! we did it at stag in witham with the true leg end Steve Perry and its has come out schweeet mate! the toonage we reocorded today is as follows

"Bison Co."


"Fuck 'em in the Ozone Layer"

"Hitlers Sister"

and "I Got VD" (featuring Mitch Sweeting, Jack Burly, Rob Saunders, Steve Perry and all of Arcade on vocals, plus is dedicated to the awsome lesser heard 70's punk band The Prefects)

we feel you must check it oot, its on our page, just fucking listen to it!!!

Chris S
Christopher, The Saunders


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