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A....R....C....A....D....E.....! Greetings one and all! We are the beat collective known as ARCADE! We formed in June 2002 so we did! the seed of punk met the ripe egg of rock and the Arcadian meanace was born, the world, and by default the galaxy, was never to be the same again!! We are a group of people brought together by the beat of one unifying drum, the need to create the very music your ears are getting slap and tickled by right now! We hope very much you enjoy it, and if you dont then please, leave the hall! But before you do always remember people, dont be a number, join the Arcadian menace and be a person, you know it makes sense!!! or does it? yes it does!


Arcade feature on the following schizoacoustic EP...

01/07/2006 | schz001cd | schizoacoustic | serene #1 |
Christopher, The Saunders


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