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Default automation

Automation were a braintree alternative rock band, born out of the ashes of The Janet Theory in 99! featuring ex JT's Chris S, John H and Dan A, enlisting the twang skills of mr stuart stockley, automation were born and headed into the heady world of gigging soon after intensive jamming in dans garage, and then in stus dads work place office building type thing!

Automation split in early 2001 (i think) as in the end we all desired different musical avenues and that started when John Harvey left to persue pastures new!

We tried out a few people (including Arcade members Blake Lincoln and John Hewson) but it never really happened and Automation played their last gig at the twist in colchester around late 2000, early 2001! it was my brief period as a bass man and i thought it was cool, alough we were one of those bands that tension followed like a sick mutt.

i still look back at it fondly and you never know someone else out there just might think the same!!!

about the downloads! all of these songs were recorded at Mike Carringtons house in 99 on the karioke setting on his stereo, its all kinda rough but sounds good never the less! old school fuckers!!!
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