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Default three, two, one, go!


three, two, one, go! is john harvey, previously a guitar player with the janet theory, automation, beat kerfew, crash arcade & the concorde agreement.

in 2003, john started to write some solo material, (originally as a side project to crash arcade) which eventually became his main focus. he began recording demos as three, two, one, go! in the fall of 2004, including 'no way to treat a friend' the very first three, two, one, go! track, which features on the schizoacoustic legacy sessions ep.

in the summer of 2006 three, two, one, go! recorded his full production debut 'summer fades' with ed dAnn of crash arcade, for the now legendary schizoacoustic serene #1 summer showcase ep released in july that year.

whilst working on the everyone & no-one EP (late 2006) & continuing to learn basic recording and production techniques, three, two, one, go! went onto to record and produce 'christmas day' featuring amy hamilton on vocals for the schizoacoustic serene #2 ep released in december 2007.

three, two, one, go! has since gone on to record and produce songs for the serene #3 & serene #4 ep's as well as collaborating with crash arcade on the riot park ep, the crowes ep & the team colors ep.

three, two, one, go! is currently on an indefinite hiatus, owing to john's full time involvement with other projects...

24/12/2010 | schz015cd | crash arcade & three, two, one, go! | team colors EP | download

10/10/2008 | schz010cd | crash arcade & three, two, one, go! | crowes EP | download

28/06/2008 | schz009cd | schizoacoustic | legacy sessions | download

29/09/2007 | schz008cd | schizoacoustic | serene #4 | download

25/08/2007 | schz007cd | crash arcade & three, two, one, go! | riot park EP | download

01/04/2007 | schz005cd | schizoacoustic | serene #3 | download

23/12/2006 | schz004cd | schizoacoustic | serene #2 | download

01/07/2006 | schz001cd | schizoacoustic | serene #1 | download
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